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Sky3ds+ is an upgrade version of blue button Sky3ds, easier to use and convenient firmware upgrade with SkyDock

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How Easy to use ?

Surely it won't be easier to use original Nintendo 3DS cartridge, but simple as just 4 steps.

1, Download no modified and edited 3DS ROMs to your PC

2, Format micro memory card into FAT32, cluster size 64kb on your PC

3, Drag and drop those 3DS ROMs to memory card directly on your PC

4, Insert to enjoy on your console

Click image below and watch Youtube video _

Save your TIME & Money

Is it just easy to use ?

Some day,  your child ran to you with his/her console, 'Mom / Dad, my 3DS does not work properly, help me to flash it again', then you need to read custom firmware modification guide again, another 1-2 hours spent.

However, with this Sky3ds PLUS, you need only repeat 3 steps, it saves your time and money.

More Features

_ Included all the features of sky3DS
_ Plug & Play, easy to use, no more console setup
_ Game update directly by eshop patch download
_ System firmware update free, no console bricked worry
_ Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons
_ Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews
_ AP checks solved
_ Support Firmware update
_ Work with trimmed ROM
_ Play region free with third party NINJHAX homebrew
_ Compatible 3DS system up to 11.13.0-45 and backwards
_ More details refer to official site

Package Content

1x Sky3ds PLUS
1x SkyDock
1x USB firmware cable
1x USB micro memory card adapter

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