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R4i Gold 3ds PLUS card

R4i Gold 3ds PLUS card


With R4i Gold 3ds PLUS, install gbaemu4DS to play gba games, load Wood r4 homebrew to enjoy real time save for ds games, flash b9s cfw to get freedom from all 3ds games. Is this what are you hunting for ?



Are you looking for a best r4 solution for gaming ? And you enjoy so many amazing gba / ds / 3ds roms out there, bringing so much memory ever since childhood. Yes, R4wood would sincerely recommend this best R4 card - R4i Gold 3DS PLUS.

R4i Gold 3DS PLUS has been out of production, no exact date is expected to be available again. (2020-6-12 updated)


_ Download and install gbaemu4DS with Wood r4 homebrew, you could then play gba games on your consoles.


_ Stay at default D side, install Wood r4 homebrew, you could enjoy all ds games with RTS feature.


_ Flash b9s CFW at N side, all 3ds games are free on your 3DS system consoles, your device functions as a beast.

What Beast will be after doing with Custom Firmware ?

>> Play all game cards and eShop games regardless of region
>> Customize your Home Menu with user-created themes badges and splash screens
>> Use 'ROM hacks' for games that you own
>> Take gameplay and application screenshots
>> Backup, edit, and restore saves for many games
>> Play games for older systems with various emulators, using RetroArch or other standalone emulators
>> Install Homebrew titles to your system, and have them appear on your Home menu
>> Dump your cards to a format you can install, and play them without needing the card
>> New 3DS or New 2DS only: stream live gameplay to your PC wireless with NTR CFW
>> Run many Nintendo DS flash cartridges that were blocked before or never worked before
>> Safely update to the latest system version without fear of losing access to homebrew


Before flashing b9s cfw, you have full been aware of what the possible risk is for flashing your console.

To protect your console from Nintendo ban of Custom Firmware (CFW), please do disable the following two options.

1. Go to System Settings, select “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
2. Disable the “Sending of System Information” option and exit System Settings
3. Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu) - If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend List setting is either already disabled or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
4. Go to the Friend List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, disable “Show friends what you’re playing” and exit Friend list


>> Support all DS games
>> Game Region Free
>> Support all features of Wood r4i gold 3ds rts
>> Support popular Luma3DS Custom firmware to run 3DS games
>> Support SD up to 128GB (4-32GB/normal FAT32, 32G+/GodMode9 format)
>> Work on NEW 3DS XL LL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DS XL, NEW 2DS, 3DS XL LL, 3DS & 2DS
>> Compatible with all 3DS systems up to current 11.13.0-45 for DS games or B9S cfw


Doing CFW is a bit hard for newbie, and we do not recommend to them. Customer service may not fix the problem you met when flashing the console. Whatever, lots of users have done that successfully strictly follow the official guide. Recommend find Troubleshootingguide to find the solution.

Our experience - (1) Recommend updating your console system into Ver 11.6.0-39(U/E/A/J) before installing/flashing b9s cfs; (2) Use original SD memory card for flashing; (3) Connect your power adapter to do this flashing; (4) Step 18, DSP1 - zoogie blue screen does not show up when console at low system version; (5) If R4i Gold 3DS PLUS's DS mode (switch at D side) does not work and not recognized by your console, you need to revert r4 card into stock firmware.

Official setup guide - refer to page http://www.r4ids.cn/r4ids-e.htm, unofficial video guide

Package Content

1x R4i Gold 3ds PLUS official packing (magnet inside too)
1x Optional micro sdhc Memory card with adapter (behave as target SD)

PLUS r4i gold 3ds


Official Wood R4 Kernel V1.64

Wood kernel to run ds games

Download (2.58M)


DeadSkullzJr's 2.40 cheat data updated

Download (3.06M)

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