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Chip problem (i guess)

I have a 2017 dual core smart update card and it was working perfectly fine for a month, after that one day it showed me black screen saying can't open _dsmenu.dat. I have tried formatting the sd card and copying the kernel to it again but still had the same error.
Recommend to send your r4 photo to us so that we can tell which software is compatible. There were several r4 dual core but they run different kernel.

If your r4 card was bought from us, you can try software linked under page


    borre la raiz de mi r4 2015 y la R4 2014 pero no me detecta ning

    he buscado pero no encuentro algo que me ayude tengo la 3ds version 9.9.0 y 1 new 3ds version 11.5 que no se si me sirva alguna de mis R4 quisiera la ultima actualización para ambas tarjetas por fa. Gracias
    Download 1.72 kernel under download tab at this product page


      i deleted the menu

      i have the 2017 version of the R4 SDHC(dual core smart update) and i deleted the menu of it. obviously, now it doesnt work, do i have the option of reinstall it? how?
      Backup your ds game files, format your memory card, Try kernel


        It won't work for me

        I get black screen with error, i'm using Old 3DS with 11.7 update
        which version is your r4 dual core ? Recommend email contacting us. Sometimes it is just a booting bug.


          Games are all corrupted

          I have got a R4 sdhc dual-core smart update. I set up the kernels and it worked just fine. Then I downloaded some roms and they would all just be corrupted. It tried other websites for the roms and they don't even work either. Any recommendations on how to fix this problem.
          Is it bought from our site ? Which version is it ? We tested clean ds roms downloaded from Email us more information about the problem. Regards


            The Kernels Didnt Work

            I Tried A Lot Of Different Kernels For The Dual Core, Even The New One.
            It Always Gives Me A White Screen, Even Though Im Not Decompressed It In The SD Card Like You Said.
            Is It Because I Use My Smartphone Instead Of A Computer?
            I Have Used Different Kinds Of SD Card But It Still Didnt Work
            All our r4 chips are tested on our consoles in case of quality problem.
            While for your problem, possibly you have not used the right kernel, or your memory card was not formatted correctly. Yes, memory card should not be formatted on your smartphone, their format is not compatible.


              How to get the Firmware update to Duallcore 2017 for New 3DXL ru

              I have updated the New 3DXL to the and the R$ doesn't work and when I put in my new 3DXLi get black screen.
              Can you please help how to fix this and if there are any kernel update to work on system update.
              Which system version is your r4 dual core ? And is it blank black screen or black one with error messages ? Regards

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                R4 Gold Card Upgrade 3DS Pro

                R4 Gold Card Upgrade 3DS Pro

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