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R4 Gold Card Upgrade 3DS Pro

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if i do this like disable my spotpass and stuff to use the card will i still be able to play with my friends online or local?
To protect your console from Nintendo ban of Custom Firmware (CFW), please do disable the following two options.

1. Go to System Settings, select “Internet Settings”, then “SpotPass”, then “Sending of System Information”
2. Disable the “Sending of System Information” option and exit System Settings
3. Go to your Friend List (the orange Face Icon in the top row of your Home Menu) - If you receive an error and are kicked out of the menu, the Friend List setting is either already disabled or your console cannot connect to Nintendo’s servers (due to a ban or connection issues)
4. Go to the Friend List settings, then “Friend Notification Settings”, disable “Show friends what you’re playing” and exit Friend list



    These have proven to be great products in the past and I need a little help with this one.

    I have a new 2ds, this card and have installed Kernel V1.64.

    I have dropped a .3ds rom in the root however it doesn't recognise it.

    Old NDS games work fine but not newer 3ds games.

    Can you help ?
    This chip does not load 3ds roms directly, you need to do b9s cfw to your New 2DS with this r4 chip, after that, you can then play 3ds cia games. Follow guide on how to do b9s cfw at page


      fast shipping

      I have received the item and would like to thank you for your business. you have helped me a lot and i am grateful
      best regards

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      R4 Gold Card Upgrade 3DS Pro

      R4 Gold Card Upgrade 3DS Pro

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