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DSi DSi XL System Update Ver 1.4.4

Posted on 21st Mar 2012 @ 6:26 PM

Latest Nintendo DSi / DSi XL system ver 1.4.4 was available for update today. And this system V1.4.4 blocks most current flashcards less new firmware patch be released, please do not have your console system updated temporarily.

Data update date: Apr 18th, 2012

Working Flashcards

R4i SDHC V1.4.3 ( r4i-sdhc.com ) Kernel V1.56b

R4i Gold 3DS ( r4ids.cn )  Update patch

R4I GOLD PLUS ( r4ids.com ) Patch

DSTWO ( supercard.sc ) Patch

R4iTT Black / Purple ( r4itt.net )

EZFlash Vi ( ezflash.cn )

R4 SDHC Dual-Core "new" ( r4isdhc.com )

R4i Gold Pro ( r4i-gold.com )

iSmart MM ( ismartds.com )

R4I-SDHC 3DS ( r4i-sdhc.com ) Kernel V1.55b

R4i-Gold 3DS ( r4i-gold.com )

Acekard 2i ( acekard.com )

Not-Working Flashcards

R4ISDHC V2.20t (r4sdhc.com)
R4i Ultra (r4ultra.com)
R4i Gold Ver2.0 (r4ids.com)
TTi (ndstt.com)
DSONEi mini (supercard.sc)
EX4DS (ex4ds.com)
M3i Zero (m3adapter.com)