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Wood R4 Firmware V1.31

Posted on 9th Jun 2011 @ 3:09 PM

R4DS users can have your R4 card updated with latest Wood R4 Firmware V1.31. Thanks for those hard-working man !

Wood Firmware Update

Wood Firmware Core:
- Wifi Update Firmware added ( Directory: Start/Tools/Update )

User Interface:
- various ui optimization.
- dialogs title drawing fixed for some skins.
- Czech localization updated.
- Romanian translation updated.
- Spanish localization updated.

DS game ROMs Compatibility:
V1.31 update has fixed gaming problem, and lists some of them below.
5698 - 'fairy tail gekitotsu! kardia daiseidou (JP)'
5696 - 'yu-gi-oh! 5d's - world championship 2011 - over the nexus (EU)'
5700 - 'tangled (USA)'
5713 - 'kimi ni todoke - tsutaeru kimochi (JP)'
5720 - 'yu-gi-oh! 5d's - world championship 2011 - over the nexus (USA)'
5726 - 'meitantei conan - aoki houseki no rondo (JP)'
5727 - 'treasure report - kikai jikake no isan (JP)'
- softreset in 'lack of disco' homebrew fixed.

Which R4 card is compatible with Wood kernel ?

R4 DS (Original from www.r4ds.com, current from www.r4ds.me)
R4i Gold 3DS (www.r4ids.cn, Compatible with Nintend 3DS)
R4i Gold R4iDSN (www.r4idsn.com, same company to www.r4ids.cn )

Wood R4 Update Log

Wood R4 .nds Boot (Dec 11th, 2010)
R4DS YSMenu V6.59 (May 14th, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.33     (Jul 11th, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.32     (Jun 30th, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.30     (May 19th, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.29     (Apr 30th, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.28     (Mar 31st, 2011)
Wood R4 V1.27     (Mar 14th, 2011)