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Update DSTTi TTi Firmware for 3DS Console

Posted on 18th May 2011 @ 6:42 PM

How to update DSTTi TTi Firmware for Nintendo 3DS console ? Why does my console get freezen at white screen ? Is there any tutorial of DSTTi firmware update for 3DS console ? This article will tell how to do it.

Equipment for Firmware Update

(1) DS Lite console or DSi / DSi XL LL console
(2) 3DS console (optional)
(3) MicroSD card or Micro SDHC card
(4) USB Micro Adapter
(5) DSTTi TTi flashcart
(6) Charger for DS Lite or DSi
Note: Make sure your console is charged enough to do TTi firmware update. Below takes DS Lite as an example.

Firmware Update Procedure

TTi users can follow this process below to update.
(1) Download TTi TTMenu kernel V1.17 at official webpage to your computer; ( TTMenu_xx.zip, "xx" is the language you select )
Q: Why should I download V1.17 ?
A: Because this TTi Firmware Update Patch for 3DS does not support other kernels like V1.17a12 series, V1.18 or YSMenu Kernel. And you will get a white screen when used other kernels.
Q: If download from other website, does it work ?
A: It may not work.

(2) Download TTiCheck v2.2 tool at official webpage to your computer; (TTiCheck_v2.2.zip)
Q: Why need I download this TTiCheck tool ?
A: This firmware update may not work for fake TTi card, and this step is optional if your DSTTi card is real.

(3) Download DSTTi 3DS Firmware Update Patch to your computer; ( DSTTi[3DS]Fimware.zip )

(4) Plug and connect MicroSD card (memory card) to your computer via USB micro adapter;

(5) Find the downloaded files just now on your computer, extract and install software to the root directory of memory card;
Q: Which files should I extract to my memory card ?
A: These files or folders marked in italic below are to be saved.

For kernel TTMenu V1.17 - TTMenu folder, TTMENU.DAT, TTMENU.SYS
For TTiCheck tool - TTiCheck_v2.2.nds
For DSTTi 3DS Firmware Patch - TTi3DSUPGRADE.nds, rom_pcb2.dat, rom_pcb1.dat, rom_pcb0.dat

Q: Why should I save to the root directory of memory card ?
A: Required from Booting software.

(6) Have DSTTi and memory card fixed into DS Lite console, and power on, press "ALEX RIDER STORMBREAKER THQ" and loads into TTi main homepage;

(7) Navigate and you can run TTiCheck_v2.2.nds to check your TTi on whether it is fake or not; Power off and power on again after this check;
Q: Is it necessory to check my TTi ?
A: This 3DS update firmware not work for fake TTi cards, and this update may be harmful for fake TTi card.

(8) Find TTi3DSUPGRADE.nds and press "A" button to run it;
Q: Why does my console tell "No Need Upgrade" ?
A: Your TTi has been updated before.

(9) Do as instructed from your console, press "X" + "Y" buttons at the same time to activiate the TTi Firmware update;
Note: Do not power off your console when the update is in progress, or it will damage your TTi card. And you can use that charger if your console power light gets red.

(10) Press any button to power off after update completes.
And you may find that flashcart icon has been changed into "Disneny/Pixar Finding Nemo Escape to the Big Blue THQ".

Q: Why does it not support most latest Game ROMs ?
A: After this TTi 3DS update, you can install the latest TTi YSMenu kernel for newest DS game ROMs. The official kernel TTMenu V1.17 does not support latest games.

Below is the video tutorial. If any questions, you can contact us freely.